Saturday, June 30, 2007

Date idea

[Begin video now.]

The romantics at Sovereign Grace Singles are hosting an online discussion of "Federal Vision" theology Tuesday night. I fear the outcome.

Quick cut to a few nights after this headline event:
She: John?

He: Yes, my little Reformed dumpling?

She: I've been thinking. About us.

He: What?

She: You know I love you.

He: I love you, too, my precious five-petaled tulip. What's wrong?

She: Remember the other night, when you got out the popcorn and Guinness?

He: Because Coke was too baptistic?

She: Yes. And we dimmed the lights and put on the romantic fireplace video?

He: Yes.

She: And snuggled up with our laptops for the Sovereign Grace Singles Voice Chat "Rich IM" Discussion of the Federal Vision Issue?

He: Oh, yeah, baby. [Nuzzles her right earlobe.] Good times.

She: It's over, John.

He: What? [Lets an open copy of the Institutes drop from his lap to the floor.] I thought you loved me?

She: I do. In so many ways we're perfect for each other. You're strong and handsome. We both love the Lord. We're both OPC. I'm a little bit Van Til, you're a little bit John Frame. You floss.

He: What is it, then?

She: You know what it is.

He: I don't!

She: It's about the covenant of works, John.

He: [Bemused.]

She: When you admitted the other night -- online -- that you're not too fond of that language, how was I supposed to feel? I was humiliated, in front of all those other Sovereign Grace Singles. All I could think was, "This is not the TR man I fell in love with in God's providence." It's over.

[Fade to Green Baggins olive drab.]
This post is hopelessly insider. I apologize to anyone who stumbles onto it and wonders what to make of it.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sts Peter and Paul

A blessed Feast Day of Sts Peter and Paul to you all!

It's my name's day, of course. My mother likes biblical names, and I'm named for the apostle, who often comes in for a good drubbing by his critics. I'm pleased and honored to bear his name.

I didn't do much to celebrate today, though some friends picked up a cake (we've been using every excuse we can find to celebrate with cake, and I'm due to bake a cheesecake any day now). I missed the singing and holy kissing that the Orthodox would've delivered.

I wanted to post a musical setting of some words from Paul, but I can't find it. I give you Dvorak's setting of Psalm 149 instead: